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A family has engaged you to build them new home; a land owner wants you to design a 50-story complex; a mining company needs...

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NexGen was chosen to safeguard the lives of all future patrons of the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera is one of the most iconic structures in the world,

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You've taken that leap and you're looking to build a new home. Maybe you have a young family building your home for the future, maybe you're

About Us

I found the Holy Grail of the treating industry.

Those were the words of NexGen’s founder when he heard about this incredible product that had solved the age-old issue of long-term viability of protecting wood products in a simple, eco-friendly and cost effective way.

And he was never more right in his life.

Since that time NexGen has taken the challenge of introducing this life saving and industry changing product to a relatively large market (ie the world).

There have been setbacks and victories, humbling moments and times of celebration. NexGen introduced this building product to the world at a time when the world stopped building. But we persevered, not because we’re better at selling than the competition, but because this product simply has no competition.


NexGen Projects Of Note

Penticton Lakeside Resort, Canada
Sydney Opera House
Hainan visitor center
What Is NexGen?

NexGen - Making Wood Perfect

NexGen, a Canadian company, protects all the wood used in buildings, and thus the people who live and work in them, and the builders who build them. We do that by manufacturing the world’s most advanced wood coatings, coatings that are eco-friendly & non-toxic, and protect wood from:


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